439: Robert Patrick Lewis | Green Beret MBA


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Discover how lessons learned by a special forces veteran can be applied to the worlds of business, finance, strategy, and marketing.

"It's not survival of the fittest; it's survival of the most adaptable." -Robert Patrick Lewis

The Cheat Sheet:
  • The worst time to plan for an emergency is after it's already happened.
  • Understand the importance of teamwork, but be prepared to rely on your own strengths and adapt to a situation for those times when teamwork falls through.
  • How much could you write if you never had writer's block?
  • Why is there a disconnect between veterans and the HR departments of companies that want to hire them?
  • How can military and combat experience be used in the business world?
  • And so much more...

Show notes at http://theartofcharm.com/podcast-episodes/robert-patrick-lewis-green-beret-mba-episode-439/


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