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You don't have to quit your day job in order to follow your entrepreneurial aspirations.

"I live in a state of constant retirement." -Ben Kovacs

The Cheat Sheet:
  • What does the recreational fisherman know that the rich man does not?
  • Working for "The Man" and pursuing entrepreneurial urgings don't have to be mutually exclusive concepts -- in fact, they can (and should) complement each other.
  • You don't have to be rich or famous for people (from clients and investors to partners and workmates) to like you and want to hang out. You just have to be interesting and genuine.
  • Being incredibly honest with yourself and others will force you to evaluate what you can do yourself and what requires help -- which allows you to get more done in a day than you once believed possible.
  • Is what you're doing with your time helping you get more out of what you love from life, or taking it away?
  • And so much more...

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