Fan Mail Friday #27 | Why Does Profit Make Me Feel Guilty?


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Welcome to Fan Mail Friday #27! No jibber-jabber, just a short show where we answer Art of Charm listener mail and give out mini-lessons for the weekend!

In this episode:

  • The past may be the past, but it's the best indicator of what's to come when that friend with a troubled history becomes more than just a friend.
  • A healthy, balanced group dynamic needs more than one person reaching out to make plans -- especially if you're that one person.
  • If you feel guilty for making profit on something you used to give away for free, ask yourself this question: would you buy it?
  • Are people more interested in being right than they are in finding the most correct answer? Is it hard for you to admit when you're wrong?
  • Want to avoid feeling manipulative when drumming up business among connections? Dig your well before you're thirsty -- build your network before you need it (and be prepared to give before you take).

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