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by Heidi Harley - 5 years ago

Final Fruit-ier: Thailand sends smelly durian into space

Thailand plans to shoot durian into orbit to test its durability in a project that could see the staple "king of fruits" consumed in zero-gravity conditions. "In the future we want astronauts to be able to eat Thai food," said a spokesperson for Tha...

by Heidi Harley - 5 years ago

A finger painting for John Preskill

I’d completed about half my candidacy exam. Four Caltech faculty members sat in front of me, in a bare seminar room. I stood beside a projector screen, explaining research I’d undertaken. The candidacy exam functions as a milepost in year three of ou...

by Heidi Harley - 5 years ago

Hay Festival

Adam Rutherford and his guests at the Hay Festival, neurologist Dr Suzanne O'Sullivan, acoustic engineer Professor Trevor Cox and science writer Dr Philip Ball discuss what scientists learn when things go wrong. Suzanne O'Sullivan, author of Brainsto...