Quantum computing vs. Grubhub

pon receiving my speaking assignments for the Tucson Festival of Books, I mentally raised my eyebrows. I’d be participating in a panel discussion with& Mike Evans, the founder of Grubhub? But I hadn’t created an app that’s a household name. I hadn’t transformed 30 million people’s eating habits...

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The spirit of relativity

One of the most immersive steampunk novels I’ve read winks at an experiment performed in a university I visited this month. The Watchmaker of Filigree Street, by Natasha Pulley, features a budding sc...

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We’re founding a quantum-thermodynamics hub!

We’re building a factory in Maryland.& It’ll tower over the University of Maryland campus, a behemoth of 19th-century brick and 21st-century glass across from the football field. Turbines will turn, and gears will grind, where students now sip lattes near the Stadium Drive parking lot. The...

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